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24 August 2022 at 11:24:41

Experimental Optic Research Scientist




Life Science People are a strategic growth partner within the Life Science industry providing bespoke services to the life science community from SMEs through to blue chip organisations and sourcing the best talent to make a tangible contribution to healthcare.

Do you want to work for an exciting neuro-tech company in London researching completely novel ways at looking at the brain? Then this is the role for you...

As an Experimental Optic Research Scientist you will work with diffuse optics and optical coherence tomography.

Your Skills Will Include

Experience in medical imaging
Experience with Python or MATLAB
In vivo experience, ideally on humans
Experience with optics
Understanding in several of the following; optics, physics, biology, clinics, basic programming)

Recruitment Process

If this role interests you, then please apply now. You can submit your CV and cover letter (100 words) highlighting your expertise as an Experimental Optic Research Scientist We will send you a confirmation of acknowledgement, and please note feedback can take up to 2 weeks. Upon successful selection for an interview, the process will occur in the following stages:

First stage: This will be an initial telephone call with Life Science People

Second stage: Initial 30 mins call with the hiring manager

Final stage: Interview with the hiring manager and team

The Experimental Optic Research Scientist role is a permanent position, paying up a competitive salary & benefits package. The position is full time, working at the London site. Full details will be provided on application. As well as a competitive salary, the company also offers a competitive benefits package.<img src="">

Upload CV

Thank you for applying. Your application is successfully submitted.

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