Your Next Career Move: Start-up Vs Blue Chip Companies - Part Two

22 October 2020 by Max Eldridge
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In our handy two-part blog post series, we look at the pros of
working in either a start-up or blue-chip in the life sciences arena. There
are, of course, benefits associated with a position in either company.

If you’re tempted to work for a large, blue chip firm, though, we
focus on some of the pros in this piece: the final part of our series.

Teams Will Be More Diverse

It’s almost inevitable that the larger the company, the more diverse
the team you’re working in will be.

If you’re keen to meet a range of people with a host of skillsets
in the medical development arena, a blue chip firm could be the route for you.
Teams will be bigger, which gives you more opportunity to socialise with all
kinds of people – both in and out of the office.

Larger teams mean a larger pool of people to network with as well.
After all, your current role isn’t just about the here and now; it could also
lead you nicely into your next position.

With more colleagues to network with, it may be more likely that
you will be promoted. Or you could find that a colleague may help you secure
your next role in a new company, thanks to their contacts outside of the firm
you’re working with now.

There May Be Perks Aplenty

Larger companies tend to offer their employees more in terms of
perks – from private healthcare packages to free gym memberships and
performance-based incentives.

There could also be more team away days or trips to look forward
to, which help larger teams – who may be spread out across several departments
– connect that bit easier.

You May Find a Mentor

Want to progress in the life sciences arena –
across health tech, big pharma or medical devices? You may
well find a great mentor in a blue chip company, as there will be such a wide
variety of skillsets under one roof.

Get up to speed with your
role in the health industry by learning all you can from someone else within
your company, which is bound to prove invaluable later down the line.

Work-Life Balance May Be Easier to Come By

Lots of blue chip firms within the Life Science
industry have realised how conducive remote working can be to their employees’
productivity – and their mental health.

You may find, therefore, that at a larger firm, the
chance to work remotely isn’t just available, it’s encouraged. This will, of
course, improve your work-life balance, which we think also encourages a
greater appreciation in the work you do.

Still not sure whether to work for a start-up or
blue chip company? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team here
at Life Science People.