​Recruitment: Do therapy areas matter?

08 October 2020 by Elliot Shankland
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Keen to find a new role in life sciences? You may be wondering if
your suitability for a specific position is dictated by your area of healthcare

“That depends”, says Elliot Shankland, Lead Consultant here at
Life Science People. “Experience in certain therapy areas can be beneficial”
when it comes to landing the right role, he says, adding that it isn’t always
the case, though.

Your Previous Experience Could Be Vital

At Life Science People, Elliot helps people find interim or
permanent positions across drug development within pharmaceuticals and

If you’re keen to work on an oncology project and you’ve
contributed to a complex oncology study previously, that will, of course stand
you in good stead – and in some cases, your previous experience in a particular
therapy area will be vital.

But Elliot says that in many roles in Life Sciences, a general
understanding of the way things are done across the board will help a great

After all, as with many positions in a host of industries, you may
follow a set process in your role – and that process is likely to be the same
in any position, regardless of the therapy area.

Display How Your Skills Could Be Put to Good Use

A diverse workplace history allows you to
target your skills to a broader range of potential employers.’ says the team at
site, adding: ‘You can tie the pieces of your job history together to fit
different job openings.”

The advice remains the same in life sciences
specifically; different skillsets can be combined, says Max Eldridge, who’s a
key member of the client engagement team here at Life Science People.

“For example, commercial excellence teams are,
as the name suggests, a centre of excellence within a company, which ensure all
the different departments are collaborating at the right level.” he says.
“While it’s quite a new area within Life Science companies, someone with a
sales, marketing and market intelligence background would have the skills needed
to thrive in this type of role.”

“If you’re keen to learn more about this
emerging space, keep your eyes peeled on
our blog
for more
details.” Max

Chat to Our Consultants

The bottom line is this: good skills are
always transferable, regardless of the industry you’re in.

If you don’t have the necessary skills or
experience to bag the role you want,
chat to our friendly consultants
here at Life Science People. They may be able to give you some helpful pointers
ahead of an interview.

It’s also worth considering how work
experience might help you secure a job in the industry you’d like to end up in.
Or take a look through your academic work to see if any previous projects,
studies or even your dissertation can strengthen your CV or application form.

Want to gain more industry insight? Keep an
eye on
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recruitment and life science arenas.